In memory of S.

...I understood that Balsam was actually all about living better. I became convinced that S. would benefit and decided to go ahead. I was fortunate enough to have easy access to Balsam from the very beginning and throughout our journey together.

Balsam has made a huge difference in how my siblings and I dealt with S.’s illness and later coped with her death. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief when I realized I could share her medical management with other competent physicians and a multi-disciplinary team that addressed her needs in a comprehensive way.

Having met most of Balsams’ team members who were working with her and knowing that she would be able to access any of them at anytime gave me a sense of peace that she was well taken care of. The Balsam team helped tremendously with discussing difficult issues with S.’s immediate family. Having them present acted like a “buffer” and ensured emotions did...
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In Memory of Mr Nabil Salha

Nabil’s physician told us about Balsam when we decided to take him home. He contacted the team and they were ready to help us. They did not ask about anything. They were willing to help the moment they knew someone needed them. It was very kind of them. We did not face any obstacles when we decided to reach them. We actually felt that there are people standing by us and ready to be there for us whenever we needed them. In the hospital you cannot always reach the physicians and when you ask for more information you might become even more confused. I always felt that Balsam was lifting a huge weight off my back. I felt relieved because they were around.

When we first decided to take Nabil out of the hospital to our home, it was a really difficult process since we were not used to this new situation.  But Balsam helped us by providing us...
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In memory of Nabila Drooby

Dear Balsam Team,

I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to spend our last precious moments with Mom at home and offering us superb help and more importantly the most humane and tender service possible. You were truly wonderful!

Thank you thank you thank you

Najla Drooby
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Thank you from Mrs. Maria El Hage

Dear Dr. Osman and the Balsam team
I really don't know what to say other than THANK YOU!!! On behalf of my friend, whose husband is very ill and dying, and myself, we thank you sooo much for the great help, the wonderful spirit and affection that we see with every visit. Actually she says: I'll give them my soul if they ask for it!
I really couldn't imagine that it can be possible in Lebanon; professional people that are ready to help in that way.
Thank you ,thank you, thank you and may our Lord bless you all and keep you
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