Palliative Care Testimonial

Mohammad & Hassan Zein

Dear Dr. Osman,

This is a mail to thank you and Nurse Rebecca through your great Palliative Care NGO for the support and help that you provided us during the last three weeks of the life of our beloved wife and mother Gisèle Zein.

The cancer illness is a very difficult one for the patient but also for the entourage and family around, especially the last stages of this horrible illness. It was a time where we didn't know what to expect and how to behave, except by giving Gisèle all our love. She wanted and we wanted for her to have a dignified end at home without any artificial medical help that would have maybe made her suffer more. But at the same time we were afraid about having to run in and out of the hospital for every sign of suffering. So when we knew about Balsam, it was like a gift from God for us to help us through those difficult times.

You provided real medical feedback and care and every time we needed even just advices you were there to support, guide and help us. Moreover, my father and I never met so gentle and human doctor and nurse and you showed to Gisèle genuine attention and care. You both love the people and it shows. And Gisèle felt that and was straight at ease with you as if you were part of the family. Even my father and I felt that even though we knew you only for a few days, it was as if it was for years. From the bottom of our heart we thank you.

Balsam deserves to spread and help other people like our family. It is one of its kind here in Lebanon. We would like to express our gratitude and assure you of our full support in the future.

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