"I felt that my husband was in safe hands in his last few weeks and when we got to know Balsam the time that was supposed to be the most difficult time became the most comfortable personal time because we knew there was someone beside us…they lightened the huge burden on us."


"My son was very happy to see you every morning and you were taking care of him…he was good and well treated and I wish I knew about you before he got really sick."

Y. D.

"What you guys do for us as a family is that you reduce our uncertainty. To be able to understand what is coming next is a huge relief. What doctors do is that they treat the disease, but what you guys do is allow us to have a life and allow my mom to have a life. One of the amazing things that Balsam does for us is takes care of the people taking care of the person who is ill and that has been also an amazing source of support."

Michael Bashshur

"Love, grace, and affection are just some of the things Balsam provides during a very distressing and difficult time. You put a smile on Hayat’s face and she glowed in your presence."


Naufal Building 2nd Fl S
Sourati Street, Hamra
Beirut, Lebanon

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